Happy Valentine’s Day ~ Free Games and Family Fun

Hi Everyone!

Happy Heart Day from a gal who has gone from a Valentine’s Day HATER (when I was a single gal I seemed to always encounter some sort of Valentines Day Massacre-esque break-up) to a Valentines Day LOVER (now that I am a mom to Mr JRB).  In honor of this special day we have a bunch of fun last minute ideas so here goes:

1. Play Valentines Day Bingo

  • Print out the Boards which you can download HERE and populate each one with numbers 1-10
  • Use Candy Conversation Hearts or Chocolate Kisses as the “markers.”
  • To make “call-out cards”  ~ print out the  letters and numbers, which you can download HERE.  Place letter and numbers in 2 separate cups.  Randomly select one letter and one number each time.
  • The person who gets 5 in a row wins!

2.  Play Chocolate Checkers

To learn how click the video

3. Laugh and Love

Watch this hilarious video by #iVoices for iVillage Dena Blizzard

Love and Shoestrings, Beth and Jenna!!

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