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Gymboree and St Jude Making your Dollars Do Double Duty!  ~ As I mentioned in my last post, Gymboree invited me to take part in their interactive Family Fun Pinterest board. Although I loved the idea, their offer of a gift card for JRB was confounding. Thanks you so much for offering, I wrote, but we grew out of gymboree years ago, after all my son is 9! Well you can imagine my surprise when I found out that gymboree outfits kids from birth to size 12. 12? I had no idea.Jackson’s toddlerhood was a Gymboree dream There wasn’t an outfit there that I didn’t love. But as Jackson got older, we moved away from Gymboree opting for Target, Sports Authority and Dick’s Sporting Goods instead. When it comes to clothes (especially the way clothes feel) JRB is super picky s and as got older his affinity for “sportswear” got stronger to the point where jersey’s, shorts and sweatpants are really the only thing he wears. But as I have learned…

If you want things to change you have to make a change

So I accepted the challenge and asked gymboree to send me the card I was going to get JRB to wear something that didn’t have the word Sweat anywhere near it…

Game on.

The next step was getting Jackson to look at the clothes. We visited the website and started to browse…everything was so cute. Jackson suddenly became interested, We settled on a few items: Bathing suits, super cute down vest with matching fleece and Herringbone pants.

Herringbone Pants from Gymboree

Herringbone Pants from Gymboree

Well actually I decided on the Herringbone pants because he needed pants and despite his protest he LOVES them!  I am so grateful to Gymboree for making these pants. and my bothers and sisters and family and friends thank you too, because I don’t think we could go another holiday season sporting a tie, shirt and shorts!

BEST of ALL, Gymborree has partnered with St Jude this holiday season as part of St Jude’s Thanks and Giving program. This season is their 8th years working with the hospital raising much needed funds (more than $9.7 million) to help fight childhood cancer and other deadly diseases.