Guest Blog: Pumpkins for your little Pumpkins

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Nothing gets people in the holiday spirit like festive decorations, and miniature pumpkins are all the rage. That’s because nothing says “fall” like a pumpkin – and the miniature ones are less trouble than their larger counterparts.Everyone has seen mini pumpkins with faces painted on them, but it feels wrong having jack-o-lanterns out past Halloween. It’s nice to have your decorations up for as long as possible, especially if you put a lot of effort into them.

Here are some decorations that you can keep up past Halloween. These projects are easy to do and fairly cheap, but remember to keep your eye out for fall coupons. A lot of people are crafting this time of year and deals are everywhere.

Mini Pumpkin Wreath

When it comes to festivity, wreaths are the kings of the craft store. This mini pumpkin wreathis easy to make. Luckily, mini pumpkins are pretty light so all you need to secure them is a generous amount of hot glue. These little guys can be placed on several different wreath surfaces, but the most secure is foam. Get a floral foam wreath and scoop out mini pumpkin sized indentations. You should do a rough measurement with the spacing of these beds. Make sure you can get all the way around the wreath without huge gaps. Small gaps are fine and you can fill them with vine or ribbon later.

If you want a colored wreath, then paint it or wrap it in fabric after making the divots but before adding pumpkins. (Note: The foam will disintegrate with spray paint. If you want to keep it smooth use craft paint. If you want a pockmarked surface spray away.) From there it’s incredibly simple. Just coat one of your little nests with a spiral of hot gun then place your pumpkin and mash firmly. Continue this action around the wreath and your home will be festive in no time! Hang the wreath on your door and wait for compliments.

Glam Gourds

Fall décor is heavy with gourds, straw, burlap, leaves and neutral colors. Simply put, not everyone’s home décor can mesh with the quintessentially natural vibe that fall decorating brings. These pumpkins are a great and festive solution for the glamorous decorator. For these I used glitter, but gluing sequins on is just as dazzling and less messy. Using glitter in your crafts can be hazardous, but for the brave souls who crave shimmer this craft is simple. Use glue that dries clear. It’s easiest to apply with a brush. Paint the glue on in sections and sprinkle the glitter holding your pumpkin over a large piece of paper or trash can. (Note: Paper under your glitter craft means that you can roll it up at the end and funnel all the extra glitter bits back into the bottle.) Take breaks to let sections dry as you go. It should dry quickly and this will make it easier to handle.

Candle Holders

The mini pumpkins are much harder to hollow out than their bigger sisters. However, they can still be carved. Candles make for a spooky-chic table scape and having them coming from pumpkins is perfect for fall. A box-cutter, steak knife or X-Acto knife will all work for carving the top out of these bad boys but please be careful—no craft is worth losing a finger. Take your knife and (carefully) carve a circle around the stem of your pumpkin. Wiggling the stem back and forth should loosen it enough that you can completely put it out. From there clean the inside up a bit. (Note: The more “pumpkin guts” you pull out, the less it will smell as days tick by.) The pumpkin will be sturdy enough to hold a very tall candle. Adjust the hole to fit the base of a candle snugly. You can add  hot glue to make a tighter hold.