A few years ago Jrb’s dad left the majority of our collection of DVD’s on a plane.  We have a winner!!! Tammy Mckean ~ you have won the 8 DVD’s.  Congrats!  Please email beth with your mailing address and we’ll send the DVD’s out!  thanks!!

Apparently, it was very hectic getting off the plane and he panicked leaving the DVD’s, a sippy cup and Mr Moose behind.  Since then, I have been hesitant to buy more DVD’s because they are expensive.  So instead, I have opted  to visit the library or our local FAMILY VIDEO store who kindly loan out Kids DVD’s for free.  That is until recently…As a creature of habit  (like his mom) my 4 year old son likes to watch the same thing over and over and over again ~ making borrowing videos a bummer since we can only renew each title only once.

Well the folks at Cookie Jar Entertainment have made things a little easier with BRAND NEW DVD’s starting at $4.99!  Cookie Jar is the company behind various children’s entertainment brands including  Busytown Mysteries, Mona the Vampire, and Calliou. The company was kind enough to send me a few of these reasonably priced DVD’s to review.  So far, I am having trouble getting beyond Busytown Mysteries, because my little one loves watching it so much.  (However, I plan on taking a peek at Nanoboy ~ the world’s smallest superhero! After JRB goes to bed.)  Jrb’s Dad previewed  Super Duper Sumos and really liked it although he said it had a lot of “butt” jokes making it suitable for him, but not our 4 y/o son!  To find out more about the newly released Cookie Jar titles visit Crazy Ape (which sells the DVD’s for $4.99).  Click here to visit the site.

NOW HERE”S THE FUN PART…In honor of this terrific deal, we are going to have a GIVEAWAY!!!! We will send 8 DVD’s to ONE lucky winner.  Just leave us a comment and  tell us your favorite movie to watch with your kids and you will be automatically entered. We will choose one winner at random.  Contest ends on  August 4 at 11:59 PM.  Good Luck!  Shoestrings and Peace, Beth and Jenna

FYI here are the DVD’s you will win:

  1. Wimzie’s House
  2. Super Duper Sumos
  3. Mona the Vampire
  4. Horseland
  5. Busytown Mysteries
  6. Busy World of Richard Scarey
  7. Nanoboy
  8. World of Quest