What’s Your Perfect Summer Day? If I could wave a magic wand and let you go anywhere in the world where would you go? What would you do? I love this question because it raises so many different possibilities. My perfect day would include a great breakfast, a long  hike, some downtime ~ reading a good mystery on a chair near a body of water, followed by a bike ride or stroll through town, a sunset canoe ride, a picnic dinner and an evening concert with friends. Sounds good right? The cool thing is this perfect day is within reach because all of those activities and more can be enjoyed in Lake Placid.


As I noted last week in the blog, Lake Placid is a state of being. It’s outdoorsy, exhilarating, relaxing, loving. It’s an old friend and a new adventure, a way of living your best life. During the winter, Lake Placid offers a myriad of activities: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice climbing, sledding, skiing, skating, playing the in the snow, “jacuzziing,” but  the other 3 seasons are just as enjoyable. That’s what brings me to this post ~ If you are starting to think about summer vacations, activities and really meaningful ways to bond with your kids consider visiting Lake Placid this summer.

Lake Placid is part of the Adirondack Region which gave birth the the original word vacation as well as my favorite type of chair. In terms of “vacations” it really is the perfect spot because the range of activities is expansive as it the region…

  • The Adirondack Park has over 2,000 miles of hiking trail
  • There aree 46 High Peaks (over 4,000 feet) which include Mount Marcy, the highest point in New York (5,344) feet.
  • Within the park there are 3,000 lakes and ponds and more than 1,200 miles of rivers fed by an estimated 30,000 miles of brooks and streams.
  • There are over 11,000 rental rooms in hotels, motels, inns and cottages, along with almost 12,000 campsites.
  • The Adirondacks boast hundreds of restaurants, boutiques, local hang outs and a colorful crew of locals who regale visitors with tales of days gone by. In fact did you know Lake Champlain has it’s own version of a Loch Ness Monster named Nessy?





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 But Really it’s spending time with JRB that makes me the most happy!

Lake Placid offers plenty of family fun activities and events. There is a free story time at the Local Bookstore, cozy beaches, kid-friendly hikes, free concerts throughout the summer and a fantastic 4th of July celebration.

Create Your Perfect Day! 

To plan your perfect day visit the Lake Placid Website. There you can find travel tips, places to stay that fit your budget and a whole host of   things to do. You can also follow Lake Placid on Twitter @lakeplacidadk  or like them on Facebook.And be sure to enter their BRAND NEW  GIVEAWAY for an exciting getaway for 2. Visit this link for information and to enter. And be sure to comment below on your perfect day; Where would YOU go? What would YOU do?