For Mom’s Respite: Books for Summertime Reading

It was a long day, but a good one. The kids had a blast playing in the sprinkler and enjoyed their picnic lunch afterward. Under the sun’s rays though, you kept eyeing the hammock hanging between the two trees, swaying in the slight breeze that helped relieve the heat. Undoubtedly, curling up with a good book is on your mind.

Here are great reading recommendations for busy moms who maximize every minute of their quiet time:

Nicholas Sparks

The king of romance touches the heart in ways that no one else can. Sparks may not be a literary genius, but he’s an excellent storyteller who tugs at the heartstrings. His novels “aren’t considered classics in the way that Shakespeare’s works are,” explains Catherine Lodge who writes for a community blog of an early childhood educational online degree school. “The books do have a way of capturing a lot of emotions that we all feel,” adds Lodge. Nicholas Sparks’ top sellers include “The Notebook,” “The Wedding,” “The Rescue,” “Message in a Bottle” and “Safe Haven.”

“The Best of Us: A Novel

Sarah Pekkanen’s novel follows four former college pals who have lives now filled with family responsibilities. With their husbands in tow, they journey to Jamaica for a luxury vacation. The couples enjoy their time together as old friends relaxing and attempting to rekindle bonds with their husbands. Once a hurricane hits, the women learn and focus on what is really important in life.

Aunt Erma’s Cope Book: How to Get From Monday to Friday . . . In 12 Days

Erma Bombeck’s books will be adored forever, as the story of life always rings true when spoken from her lips. While breaking from temper tantrums and dirty diapers, indulge in this light-hearted take on life that tells you exactly how it is. “Aunt Erma’s Cope Book” will make you laugh and forget about, or find humor in, any stress that happened during the day.

Taking a Road Trip With Your Family . . . And Still Liking Them by the End of It

Jane Rodda tells us how to plan a great and well-organized road trip with the kids. With your nose in this book, you’ll learn how to keep the family entertained and happy during an on-road getaway. Take the practical advice of veteran road tripper Rodda as she explains what kind of food to bring, how to budget for vacation and how to handle little problems throughout the journey.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff. . . and it’s all small stuff

A bestseller by Richard Carlson, PH.D., “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” is inspirational, easy reading at its best. This book will calm your soul, open your senses, encourage self-forgiveness and help you let small problems “roll off your back.” You’ll learn how to let go of or deal with that enormous, looming problem in your life that’s really quite insignificant.

Open up that book or turn on your Kindle. Head outside and get cozy on that hammock. First, close your eyes for a few minutes and take a deep breath. Now, time is yours. You deserve it.

Thank you to Donna K.for sending us this post
bio: Donna Knightly
Donna is a mom, wife, and freelance writer from Washington. She studied theater and hopes to open a childrens playhouse when her kids grow up.