Tile picture

Decorate your own tile trivets and coasters tomorrow at Floor and Decor in Skokie

I don’t know about you, but this has been one crazy week. To celebrate I am hosting a craft party at Floor and Decor in Skokie tomorrow from 10-12. I love Floor and Decor, which offers hard surface flooring on a shoestring. The quality is high, the assortment is vast and the fact that they manufacture their own flooring, makes it more affordable as they take out the   middleman which leaves more money in your pocket. I’m obsessed with putting hard surface flooring in our family  room, thanks to Tucker and his merry band of impossible to vacuum DOG HAIR.

Tomorrow we will be decorating tile trivets and coasters which make great Mother’s Day gifts, as well as charming hostess gifts for the upcoming Easter / Passover season.

Today is also my Mom’s birthday. She would have been 74, which means 6 weeks from now, we will mark the 20th year of her passing. 20 years. How did that happen?

When my marriage ended and I moved back from SF to Chicago, I was despondent (and 9 months pregnant). The first night I was there, Christopher, my brother gave me this great advice ~ he said, “things are going to be a to like they were then Mom died. At first they are going to suck and then slowly, over time, they will suck less and soon enough things will get better.” He was right, that’s how things happened.

I have been thinking about that a lot this week as I started a new gig working with the fantastic women (Amy & Debbie) at North Shore College Consulting.  I am primarily blogging and doing social media stuff & hopefully soon I’ll be working with students as an essay coach (that’s right Miss Engie is back!). Amy sent me this wonderful Op Ed last weekend by Frank Bruini, entitled, How to Survive the College Admissions Madness. It’s a great read and an even greater message as Bruni profiles 2 kids from affluent, competitive high schools who found great success at their 3rd and 4th choice schools. Success, perhaps they may not have realized if they had gone to their 1st choice schools. “Sometimes it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond,” is one of Bruni’s many messages.

I’ve understood this message for while, since my parents told me that when I was applying to colleges my senior year in high school. After sending their 2 oldest kids to Dartmouth, I think people where somewhat incredulous that I my parents allowed me to go to University of the Pacific. “Incredulous,” might be the wrong word, but you have to understand that in the midwest, University of the Pacific sounds like a school on the ocean with courses in surfing and scuba diving. Californians, on the other hand, understand that UOP is nowhere near the Pacific Ocean, though there is a delta which is sort of like an ocean, in that it’s a body of water, so there’s that.

I do think I blossomed at UOP, after all, I went from being an average student to an excellent student and I fell in love with American Literature that spanned beyond Danielle Steel and Sidney Sheldon. But I also met amazing friends like my co-MOAS Jenna and Cindy, who ~ if we hadn’t met, I wouldn’t have caught the bouquet at her wedding and then I wouldn’t have been set up with Ross and then JRB would never have been born, so yes, I am very glad I went to UOP. And I am very glad I went to Cindy’s wedding.

So here I am, swimming in a pond that feels really good. I am sharing my love of crafts at Floor and Decor (for free, so come), I learned that I can get over heartbreak and loss (though it does suck for a while), and I learned that where you go to college REALLY doesn’t determine who you are going to be.