No angles, no filters. Just me.

No angles, no filters. Just me.

When I was first introduced to Beth Burns I was psyched. Burns is the founder of the (er) factor, which is not just a website, it’s a mindset.

As an unmarried woman over 40 without children, Burns was often asked “Are You Happy?” The smart, savvy, successful business woman was confounded, why do people question her contentment. Is it because she isn’t married? Because she doesn’t have children? What Burns knew and what she is now passionate about sharing is the understanding that others can enhance our personal development but ultimately it begins and ends with who we are on the inside.  That’s why she challenge all women to each day find their (er) inside.

“Love yourself first and others will follow.” ~ Beth Burns

For Burns, finding her (er) inside included becoming

And she firmly believes that you can be happier, healthier, empowered, stronger and wiser too! So follow Beth’s Blog, like her on Facebook & follow her on Twitter. and be sure to check out her super cute products and help spread the word!

May this year be the year for you to find you (er) inside.