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Happy New Year! In the spirit of the holidays, and because many of you still have a week left of vacation making it the perfect time to get cozy with your kids and watch a movie ~  I wanted to share with you a bunch of movies JRB and I love that just happen to have 1 thing in common…. CUTE dogs!

When it comes to Cute it is hard to beat BAILEY, who sets out on an adventure thats transform this “bag doggy” to a holiday hero. The story is a little corny but JRB loved it and the ending is sweet and there is a good message about the true meaning of the holidays, friendship and family.
Vampire Dog is a crazy story and doesn’t make all that much sense yet it is utterly entertaining, adorable, & wholesome and did I mention the dog is voiced by Norm MacDonald? The story follows Ace, a young boy who is new to town (and school) who is a brilliant drummer with stage fright, he inherits a dog (Fang) from his late-grandfather. The dog just happens to be a talking vampire who has an affinity for red jello. There is an evil scientist who tries to steal Fang’s DNA and the school is in need of funds or else it will lose its music program. so Ace and Fang tram up together to outwit the scientist and raise funds for the school ~ and in the end, Ace learns to get past his stage fright and believe in himself with the help of his 2000 year old vampire dog.
Finally, there is “Trooper and the Legend of the Golden Key.”  Trooper is a bloodhound and  a Sherlock Homes for the four-legged set he befriends Tommy  an escaped mutt named Dash set out to find a buried treasure that can help keep the town’s beloved bookstore afloat. Basically, this movie had me at “Sherlock Homes,” as I tend to love mysteries and if the story also involves a mysterious key, beloved bookstore and charming small town (in the image of Mayberry) ~ I’m in! Enjoy the movies your kids and the holiday season!


Trooper and the Legend of the Golden Key

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