Dining on Eyeballs and Smelly Feet

A few years ago, Jenna and I wrote a book called, the Good Knight Night Book.  Lately Jrb has really enjoyed reading it and solving the many puzzles (not to mention it glows in the dark which is really exciting in our house!)  So it is fitting that I include this recipe for Edible eyeballs.  Thanks to candy expert and historian Beth Kimmerle for this terrific craft idea.  For more edible craft ideas visit Beth’s website at  www.bethkimmerle.com.

Now all I need is a good “smelly feet” recipe.  Happy Halloween everyone.  Be sure to check out my segment this friday at 11:45 on WGN.   I am making Boootiful Halloween crafts….

A spooky treat that will delight your kids

A spooky treat that will delight your kids

Here’s the recipe:


  • Small, white powdered sugar doughnuts
  • Tube of red icing
  • 7 oz bag of Life Savers gummies
  • 1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips


  • Place doughnuts on a platter and cover the center holes with a thin layer of red icing. The diameter should be slightly larger than the Kife Saver candy.
  • Place the Life Saver candy on top of the red icing and push gently to secure in place.
  • Top the Life Saver Candy with a chocolate chip.
  • Make the eyeballs scary by drawing lines from the center of the doughnut to the outer edge with red icing.
  • Finish the treat by poking each donut with a lollipop stick and arranging them in a bowl of candy filled with gummies or candy corn.