Feeding Time!

#DairyGood; Keeping the Good Going

It is June 4th and I am CRAZED! The good news? the end of the school year is here. The bad news? The end of the school year is here! For me, June is always bittersweet because I love summer and having more quality time with JRB, but I’m also sad to see yet another school year pass by. First grade was an amazing year for JRB and although I’m so proud of his accomplishments, it’s hard for this mama to see her baby grow up!

For some parents, the end of the school year is much less sentimental ~ especially those families whose children receive  free or subsidized meals in school. Considering more than 1 in 5 children don’t know where their next meal is coming from, losing school meals can be devastating.

The folks at the  National Dairy Council understand this problem. They, along with  Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Feeding America have formed a partnership to help alleviate hunger through an increased focus on nutrition. In addition, the Dairy industry is leading by example with their “Give Good with Dairy” program that will increase food banks’ access to nutrient-rich dairy, through local donation programs. It’s what my colleague  Britt Michelian calls “creating a triple bottom line” (providing economic, ecologic and social benefits).

This month is National Dairy Month and the NDC is kicking off a series of  local, grassroots efforts to “Give Good with Dairy” – These efforts range from food drive donations, voucher programs and supporting local events. You can find out more information including events in your area by visiting  Feeding America.

In the meantime, I am celebrating National Dairy Month with a series of healthy recipes you can make with your kids. So let’s start with dessert…

Yogurt Fondue (Chocolate, Vanilla and Honey)

chocolate-yogurt-fondueIn my world, I’m all about dipping. I love to taste different sauces, dips, condiments… JRB is less inclined to “dip” unless it comes with dessert which is why my “Yogurt Fondue” is the best of all worlds (ie: chocolate, honey and vanilla worlds).  I “make” the yogurt myself which means I spoon plain GY (Greek Yogurt*) into a bowl and mix it with a few key ingredients…

  • Plain GY + Chocolate Syrup = Chocolate Yogurt Dip
  • Plain GY + Honey = Honey Yogurt Dip
  • Real Vanilla Extract + Sugar or Agave Syrup =Vanilla Yogurt Dip

I serve the yogurt with fresh fruit and mini pound cake pieces. It’s a great backyard dessert that we can enjoy as we chat, listen to music or play a game. In my world it’s Dairy Good!

  • Do you have concerns about Dairy? Read Shara’s blog that debunks myths and sets the record straight.
  • Want to learn more about “Future of Food” and ways the Dairy industry is working to provide food for those in need? Visit Juli’s blog.
  • Want to talk dairy? Leave me a comment, ask me a question or share your favorite recipe

Love and Shoestrings,


*I’m partial to Stonyfield Yogurt, but any plain Greek yogurt will work!

Disclaimer: I am working with Dairy Management International to spread awareness about dairy and their support of “Feeding America” programs. Although I am compensated for my time, all opinions are my own.

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