eli pixCreate the Perfect Freshman College Kit from Dollar Tree

Meet Eli. Eli’s my nephew and a soon to be Freshman in college. Although JRB and I are sad we won’t see Eli’s smile as regularly, I am thrilled he is about to embark on a college adventure. In order to send Eli off in style I visited the Dollar Tree (which JRB calls Utopia) to create the perfect college kit for my soon-to-be Freshman nephew.

Like the name indicates, everything in Dollar Tree costs a dollar, which varies from flip flops and pens to wine glasses, cleaning supplies, and toys. Creating a personalized dorm kit is easy with such a wide selection and with the goal of keeping within a $10 budget, I was confident I could come up with something simple, sweet and fun… so here goesEliCollage

First I gave him bubbles, because sometimes you just need to breathe and if you can blow bubbles at the same time…even better!

I also including bouncing putty because is tactile, fun and good when you need a study break.

Travel Golf looked cool and fun and something the kids can do when they are sitting around.

We gave him the obligatory gigantic fly swatter because you can never be too safe when it comes to a Zombie-Fly apocalypse.

2014-07-30 10.10.18And finally I gave him 2 glasses.

One filled with the names of  people, places, and memories who have helped make Eli, the fine young man he is today and who will ALWAYS be there for him. Always.

The other glass is empty, which is for Eli to fill in the future with new friends, new memories and moments.

So to all the kids out there ready to embark on the next big stage of your life good luck!  May you fill your glass with love and laughs, kindness and hope and may we all get through the Zombie-Fly apocalypse.


Note: This post was sponsored by Dollar Tree and although I was compensated for my time, all opinions are 100% my own!