Cravings-The Devotional
by Carey Bailey

Everyone craves a pretty cupcake. Every Mom craves some sanity and 10 minutes in the day where no one is calling her name and the house is quiet. Add a little spirituality and voila: Cravings-The Devotional is born!

Cravings is a series of 40 devotional cards based on Psalms, set in a decorative cupcake holder. Each card quotes a verse from the book of Psalms, an explanation of how it relates to motherhood, a motivating catch phrase and an action item for the family. In an age where 30 minute meals are considered gourmet, Cravings is the perfect fit in the life of a Mom who is also trying to squeeze in some daily “God time” for herself and her family.

The packaging, design and message are flawless… but you may want to laminate the cards so they don’t get wet….I keep mine next to the kitchen sink!

Learn more about the founder of Cravings and her walk with God through motherhood on her blog

Thanks to Alina for this awesome review.

Note the publisher sent Alina a free copy to review but all opinions are her own.