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Has this been a particularly long winter for you and your family? Sometimes you just need to cry uncle and pop in a dvd—we’ve got the review of Scholastic’s new “The Red Hen and More Cooking Stories”, by our guest reviewer five year-old Riley, as well as her lovely mom.

The Red Hen (with animations from Ed and Rebecca Emberley):
Riley says: “Ha! Who Will Help Me Eat the Cake? I thought it was good because no one helped the hen make the cake, so she got to eat the whole cake herself!”

Bread Comes to Life (narrated by Lily Tomlin)
Riley says: “I really liked it. It made me want to be a farmer, or work in a mill, or maybe a bakery. I don’t think cows should eat bread, though.”

Then, Riley’s friend Sienna showed up and watched the last two stories with her:

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Dinner (by Jane Yolen)
Riley: “I liked it when the kids turned into dinosaurs.”
Sienna: “Me too!”
Riley: “And I liked the part where they sucked the noodles into their mouths!”

Arnie the Doughnut (narrated by Michael McKean)
Sienna: “I loved it so much, because Arnie didn’t get eaten.”
Riley: “Of course he would be a dog doughnut! He was made for rolling over!!”

Mom’s review: In general, the children were captivated. They laughed at a few of the clever jokes, so it did not seem they were completely tele-zombied out. The adults in the room found Arnie’s segment slightly morbid, a touch odd, but enjoyable nonetheless. “The Red Hen” was very well done; we would watch it again, on purpose! Finally, though our house is half gluten free, watching the wheat go from plant to product was really cool.

For more information about this dvd visit newkideo.com. Enjoy!

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