When Liysa Callsen began grade school, she learned that not everyone talks with their hands.Callsen, who has full hearing, was raised in the Detroit area by deaf parents and grew up bilingual: she spoke English and American Sign Language.Her experience of living in a deaf household and dealing with the hearing culture is the basis for her one-woman show, “codadiva“.

Coda is short for children of deaf adults. In this original, one-woman show, Callsen tries to bridge the two worlds. She will present her story in American Sign Language with a voice interpreter. “I lovingly say it’s subtitled for your ears,” she said. “It’s a very rare opportunity to see the beauty of sign language in a show format.” In this 75-minute show, Callsen will tell how her parents met, created a deaf family and how she helped link that family to the hearing world.

Chicago Show – Gorilla Tango Theatre – June 25 Saturday at 7:30.
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