#CNNParents @CNNLiving, Kendall Jenner and Miss Representation

Weighing in on the  Kendall Jenner Countdown Clock Logo-for-CNN

This week Kelly Wallace from CNN wrote an article about the grossness that is the TMZ-Kendall Jenner Countdown clock. Kelly included a comment I made about my disappointment in TMZ. I don’t care for the Kardashians, in fact it bothers me to even write about them, but as Kelly pointed out “this is about a child.” It made me think about the documentary Miss Representation which really shed a light on how we have sexualized women in pop culture. If you haven’t seen Miss Representation check it out. It’s a fascinating look at how we view females and the part where you see how photos are digitally enhanced in even the best of circumstances will blow your mind. As a mother of a son, I work hard to emphasize the importance of getting to know people based on who they are rather than what they look like and if he never knows who the Kardashians are, I’ll be happy!

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