Cinderbearella-Party_200A fairytale birthday party for guests and their bears! Perfect for girls ages 5 and up. Knowing how much our daughters and nieces love their teddy bears, we were inspired to come up with this fun, fabulous and creative party.


A simple paper scroll invites your guests to become fairy godmothers to their favorite stuffed teddy bears, as they all get ready for CinderBEARella’s ball!


As the guests arrive, the “Fairy Godmothers” can make their own wands using cardboard stars and shiny art supplies such as foil, glitter crayons, sequins, etc. Affix shiny star to a pencil and voila, a magic wand appears!

Once all the guests arrive, set up the CinderBEARella Salon with the following stations:

  • Blow dryer station: Include combs, brushes and Velcro rollers
  • Hair wrap station: Use old scrunchies, ribbon and barettes to create your bear’s perfect hairdo
  • Jewelry station: The girls can make matching bracelets and necklaces for their bears and themselves using beads and dental floss
  • Fashion station: Create fancy bear gowns and matching headbands (for the girls) using old fabric scraps, tacky glue and sequins

Once all the bears are “dressed” for the ball, invite the girls and their bears into the “Ballroom” for a rollicking game of musical chairs; freeze dance and / or the limbo (with the bears!)

Finally, the girls will sit down for a feast — bear sized of course!


Fancy “Ball” food: Tiny fancy finger sandwiches, fruit on toothpicks with cream cheese and brown sugar dip, tiny “Pumpkins” (cheese cut into circles with sprig of parsley stuck in top)

Beverage: Sparkling punch, served in a punch bowl with glass punch cups

Dessert: Decorate your own mini cup cakes


The wands, necklaces, bracelets and anything else the girls made throughout the party