Smile In My Heart CD - coverChipper new music from Suzi Shelton 

The new family music album from Suzi Shelton “Smile in My Heart” is a light and breezy way to add a little fun to your day. The collection of new and traditional songs cover a wide range of styles from an almost ode to the Brady Bunch’s “Sunshine Day” (c’mon you know it) in the opening tune “It’s a Beautiful Day,” to ultra light B52’s in “Go Fire Truck, Go,” to honkey-tonk in “Pony Boy.”

The variety is nice, for but for my ears, Shelton really shines in the more traditional bluegrass songs with fun reinterpretations. In “Banjo Pickin’ Girl” and “Jubliee” she is accompanied by kids singing and their performance feels very authentic and not canned.

“Smile in My Heart” is available now. To hear tracks, visit Suzi Shelton’s website at:

You can also see her new music video for “Go Fire Truck, Go” here:


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