UntitledJustin Roberts is at the top of his kindie-rocker game—his new release “Recess” is simultaneously joyful, soaring, quirky and just exciting to listen to. He is the reigning King of melodies that go down so sweet and follow you around all day, and this new album with its energetic brass features, unexpected tempo and dynamic changes is kids music at its highest quality.

Roberts’ songwriting has always been something special—he has a way of genuinely getting inside the childhood experience that could be superficial in other hands—a great example of this is “Otis”—(spoiler alert!) a song about a kid’s excitement over going to ride in an elevator. Hilarious, infectious and true in a way that only Roberts can deliver.

And he always includes at least one song that tugs on that delicate space in a parent’s heart that is torn between enjoying the moment with their child, and knowing that moment is so terribly fleeting. On this album that spot is filled by “Red Bird”—a lovely little metaphoric song about becoming a parent, though you could insert “falling in love” with “parenthood” and get an equally true and gorgeous song.

The title song is a treat as well—what starts off as a typical Roberts brew of upbeat head bopping heavy electric guitar and drums, transitions to soft wavy piano and then to a great trumpet choir mash up. The crafting of this song has more in common with current indie music, like a happier version of “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men than with more predictable kids music. Refreshing! You could even take this song, change out “Recess” with “Vacation” “Saturday”  or “Date Night” and have a song that parents can cheer for.

recess_package“Recess” releases on July 23rd. For pre-orders run over to Justin Roberts’ website www.justinrobertsmusic.com AND today there is a sneak peek of “My Secret Robot” at this link: https://soundcloud.com/justinroberts/my-secret-robot-introduces

***AND if that isn’t enough—we are so excited to giveaway one copy of “Recess” to one lucky Mommy on a Shoestring reader. Leave us a comment below before July 25 to be entered!***

Enjoy! Jenna

Our tiny disclaimer: Mommy on a Shoestring occasionally receives new family music to review—we are never paid for our time, and all opinions are ours alone. We just love great music and hope to pass along those artists that light up our lives!


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