catch-a-leprechaunAccording to Celtic folklore, Leprechauns are little men who mend the shoes of other fairies. They also are known as tricksters, often using their wit to protect their treasures from others. This St. Patrick’s Day, help your children outwit the Leprechauns by making a “magical trap” out of recycled materials or a shoe! It’a great activity to do the day before St Patrick’s Day as most Leprechauns visit homes on the 17th!


  • Recycled boxes, paper towel rolls, yarn, tape, and any other “precious junk” you might have in your recycling bin, or a shoe
  • Shiny objects


  1. Encourage your children to paint, glue, color and tie the pieces together in order to assemble an efficient and tricky trap.
  2. OR, you can also do what we did and use a shoe!
  3. We know Leprechauns are tempted by shiny objects (such as rubies and gold) so we placed a gold nugget (painted rock) at the top of the shoe—accessed with a painted ladder made of chopsticks.
  4. To make the trap MORE tempting, we wrote a DO NOT ENTER sign!
  5. When the Leprechaun reaches for the gold, he will slide down the shoe and be trapped (we placed double stick tape inside the shoe ~ brillant yes??)
  6. Parents, while the children are asleep, “mess up the trap” so it looks like someone was there.  You might also consider leaving a surprise treat or leprechaun written-note. I recommend signing each note, “Better luck next time,” as a way of keeping the tradition alive for years to come.