Bras, Blowouts, and The Dailey Method #jockeybra

photo 2-15Summer is here and it is time to get our sexy back! Jockey, The Daily Method and Mario Tricoci Salons are helping make this dream a reality with a series of  “Bras and Blowouts” events around the Chicago area. The goal ~  to help gals like me get in  touch with our inner goddesses.

I’ve been a fan of the  Dailey Method since I first entered Jill Dailey’s studio in 2003. Back then there was nothing else like it and I was enamored with the way the class made my body look as well as how good I felt when the class was over. I also swear that the Dailey Method was instrumental in helping me stay in good pregnancy shape and help contribute to my fast “delivery” of young JRB. When I left SF, there were only a handful of things I missed, and high on the list was TDM. Luckily now, there are TDM studios all over the Chicago area and new studios are popping up all the time including Northbrook, Kenilworth and  Naperville (which is where I attended the Bras and Blowouts event).  I went to an “express class” which is modeled after an original class but is only 45 minutes. Being crunched for time all the time, I love the idea of an express class I also love that TDM now offers an “Interval Class” which combines toning and stretching with cardio exercise.

photo-121A big part of the Bras and Blowout event was to  introduce everyone to the new jockey bra. Jockey has revolutionized the way bras are designed and are committed to helping every woman find the right fit. I typically hate having bra fittings  because it’s a little embarrassing and the sales people always ME to tell THEM my size and I’m always thinking if I knew why would I be here and I usually leave empty-handed. But Jockey  has developed a fool-proof fit kit that measures your cup size with  actual cups and the bras come in sizes 1,2,3 etc making it very easy to remember your size. The woman at the fitting was so super nice and we chatted as she sized me. The bra came in the mail a few days later and it looks great and is comfortable too.


The final feature at the event was some beauty pampering courtesy of Mario Tricoci Salons. Guests were treated to a polish change or blowout and everyone left refreshed, beautified and happy! Thank you to Jockey, TDM and Mario Tricoci for sponsoring such a great event.


Note: I attended this event for free and was given a free bra and other goodies courtesy of Jockey, TDM and Mario Tricoci. All opinions are my own.


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