Hi everyone!!! Today’s book review comes our dear friend Alina Sargiss who is the mother of 3 living in San Jose.  We are so thrilled to welcome Alina to our MOAS team.
Gabby’s Stick-to-it Day by Sheila Walsh

Gabby’s Stick-to-it Day is the second in Walsh’s “Gabby, God’s Little Angel” series. It is the delightful tale of little girl named Sophie who struggles with following through and completing the daily tasks of a little girl. Her guardian angel Gabby tries her best to guide her and empower her to make better choices. Gabby shares with Sophie a verse from Galatians 6:9 which inspires her and teaches her not to give up.

I read this story for the first time aloud with my 5 year old daughter. She was completely intrigued by the book and there was a lesson for Mom in there too! The book is written in the voice of Gabby using colloquial language expressing Sophie’s voice. The illustrations are colorful and expressive using a variety of fonts, color and size. My initial reaction was that it was hard to read and very busy. However, after discussing the book with my daughter, I realized that the these elements of color, text and language are what solidified the take away points of the story and perhaps will inspire my daughter to pick up the book and read through it on her own.

Thank you Sheila Walsh for creating a series where one’s faith can be taught in the context of everyday life and not just another “Bible story”. The book relates to every day happenings while integrating a Bible teaching and encouraging reading. I look forward to Gabby’s next venture!

Note the publisher sent Alina a free copy to review but all opinions are her own.