People are often surprised when they find out how much I love Christian music, books and movies.  I guess it’s because I’m Jewish.  But… people who know me know why I love these genres of entertainment ~  they’re inspiration, uplifting, and help me stay grounded even on the shakiest of times.  So when I was asked to review and host a giveaway for Jenna Lucado Bishop’s new book, From Blah to Awe, I was delighted.

Lucado Bishop is the daughter of Max Lucado, and like her father she has a passion for writing and speaking.  She is part of the Revolve Tour  which is designed to inspire and empower teen girls.  To me, Lucado Bishop seems like the perfect person to headline this tour as she is real, truthful and definitely says what she means and means what she says ~ something teens (and adults)respond to!

The book, is interactive with areas to pause and draw parallels between what Lucado Bishop is saying and your own life.  I like that.  It keeps me more engaged and thinking which is what this book is all about.  What I have learned from this book is that in order to shake up a boring faith, you need to stop, reflect and figure out where the “blah” is coming from.  Through the book, you will be able to reflect upon what it means to walk with G-d on a day to day basis.  It is perfect for teens and moms and would be a great book for mothers and daughters to read and discuss together.

We are thrilled to be able to giveaway a copy of this FANTASTIC book.  Simply leave you name below with a comment of something that makes you happy you will be entered in a our giveaway.  We will pick a winner Next Friday March 10th at 10 AM CST. So enter before then ~ good luck!!!