This blog is dedicated to the women who feel fat.

  • Who try as they might, but can’t lose those last 10 pounds (or is it 15?)
  • Who swear their diet will start tomorrow only it is tomorrow and it’s 4:00 and they are exhausted and driving carpool and just need a little pick me up that isn’t in the shape or form of a carrot.
  •  This blog is dedicated to the woman who’s then-husband (now ex) said “Houston we have a problem” regarding her butt the DAY they found out they were pregnant.
  •  This blog is for the little girls out there who we want so desperately to protect from body image issues and feeling bad about themselves.
  • This post is for the little boys who we must teach to be respectful of a woman’s body regardless of shape and size.
  •  This post is dedicated to the women who like to walk instead of run, who like to play instead of “lift” and who would rather try on shoes than try a triathalon.
  • This blog is dedicated to you and to me and to all of us women who are have come to realize that good enough is the new perfect and we are bound and determined to love ourselves despite our imperfections.  Because if we don’t love ourselves, who will?

Please join my friends Christine Candelaria and Liz Henry on Twitter, Saturday July 17 at 10:00 EST for a conversation about body image. Use the hashtag #geekher.  It’s time to get REAL about body image.  Please enjoy the Docu-Vlog above, it’s rather brillant IMHO!  And Stay tuned for more..over the course of the next few weeks I will feature other vlogs that explore this very important topic.