kids-playing-spot-itBlue Orange Games: Learning Through Play

When it comes to family bonding there are few things I love more than playing board games. And if the games are smart, inspire creative thinking and cooperative play, even better!

That’s why I LOVE Blue Orange Games. I first learned about Blue Orange games a few years ago when I bought their very clever Crazy Cheese Puzzle. I loved how the puzzle was both simple to understand but hard to figure out and anything that comes in a compact bag that can be tossed into a purse, suitcase, glovebox…etc.







a game called Ooga Boogo



a Game called Spot it Party

Spot it! Party Game

A year or two later I came across Spot it! and bought it for a stocking stuffer for JRB. Like so many other stocking stuffers and holiday gifts, I soon put away the game in order to save it for a “rainy day.” Well that rainy day happened and as they say when it rains it pours! A colleague of mine recommended Spot it! for an article I was writing on travel games. I remembered I had the game in a drawer so I took it out and started to play with Jackson. We were hooked! like the Crazy Cheese Puzzle, Spot it! it very straight forward, you need to find the match between two cards (and yes, somehow there is always a match regardless of the card!) Jackson loved playing it and like many good games, the kids and parents are on equal ground as finding the match can be challenging regardless of age.

My good luck with Blue Orange Games continued as they kindly sent me a box of games to review. I brought them with me to Charlevoix and these were the top favorites…

Flash is a quick past game (hence the name) with different “challenges” ~ it reminds me of a kid version of Bunko and is just as simple to play.

Nada dice game that asks players to find matches with each roll. If nothing comes up? Yell Nada and play again!

Ooga-Booga is a auditory memory game where players need to repeat silly words in a sequential order. It can be challenging and silly but a great way to help reinforce the use of visual cue and auditory memory.

Finally there is Spot it! Party. It’s a lot like the original game except it comes with a cute hand that adds a new dimension to the game. If you already own the Spot it! Game you might not want to buy this one, because really you can play Spot it! with a crowd, but if you’re new to the game this is indeed a fun option. Either way you can’t go wrong.

So grad some games, get the kids together and start to play!

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