Hi everyone, I have been away to SF and the Catskills and have much to discuss… #1:  I “Heart” Radio Disney.  I am a Disney fan in general having fallen in love with the theme park when I was 18 and decided my life’s ambition was to live in Cinderella’s castle.  Over the years, I have been fortunate to have worked with different  facets of the company including interviewing the creative folks at Disney FamilyFun, developing activity books for Disney Publishing and working with DJ Shal on her Public Affairs show, “Let’s Chat” for Radio Disney (in San Francisco / Bay Area).  So when I was in the Bay area last month, I visited the show along with my dear friends Liz & Cindy and their adorable boys who joined us on the show.  It was the highlight of my trip (besides having a chance to spend a ton of time with Jackson).  Thanks DJ Shal for making the day so special.

#2 My fire alarm works!  Today I did my regular segment on You & Me this Morning on WCIU TV in Chicago.  We made T-shirt totes and s’more truffles among other things.  Here’s a link to the segment:  Click Here to Watch the Segment! Eventually I mastered the art of making caramels but trust me, there was a lot of practice before that happened.  As you can see from the above picture, it took a few tries, a few pounds of burnt sugar, a room full of smoke and a melted plastic spoon.  RIP dear spoon.

#3 Park A Day Challenge:  A neighbor who reads the Pioneer Press recently sent me an email about her Park a Day Challenge.  The challenge is sponsored by the non-profit group, KaBOOM!  Which is dedicated to “creating great playspaces through the participation and leadership of communities.”  How can you not love that mission?

Here’s a link to Liza’s post which details her park adventures!   Click here to read!

#4 I am now a double blogger!  That’s right, a year ago I had no idea what “Twitter” was, thought “Facebook” was a video game and thought blogging was something that happened in the mountains of Minnesota!  (Of course there are NO mountains in Minnesota, so it only seems fitting that they would “blog” there!)  Anyway, I am thrilled and honored to share my new blog with all of you.  Its home is the You & Me this Morning on WCIU website.  You & Me this Morning is a morning TV  show that is near and dear to my heart since it is super fun, informative and a certain “shoestring mommy” appears on it every other week.    Here’s a link to the website and my TV page ~ Check it out and if you can, share it with your friends.  Click Here to Read and Watch!

Thanks for Reading!  Shoestrings and Peace, Beth