A group of fans celebrate the Hawks home opener with a pep rally on LIVE TV

The Blackhawks, You&Me this Morning, and Blackhawk Burgers

Turn A Hockey Game  into a Family Affair! Growing up in Chicago there were 2 seasons summer and BEARS season. As  I got older and Michael Jordan arrived in town, the “Bears season” fell way to “Bulls season.” And now, with the Blackhawks being both awesome and chock-full of totally cute really good players, we have officially adopted “Hawks season” as our own. The cool things is I really love hockey and the Blackhawks and Aly Bockler so when she called and invited me to a little pep rally outside the studio at WCIU-TV, I was IN. Since I am a fan of turning any event into a fun family bonding experience and because I have often been told my burgers taste look like hockey pucks, we decided to go with with a  burger and drink combo aka: BlackHawk Burgers  and Penalty Punch to celebrate our hometown team! The recipes are easy and fun and will add a little pizazz to your game watching experience.


Blackhawk Burgers

Blackhawk Burgers
You need:
ground beef
cheddar cheese (sliced thin)
Mozzarella cheese
Red, green and yellow pepper
1. Prepare burgers as desired.
2. Once burgers are fully cooked add the following touches to make it a Blackhawk Special
 ~ Cheddar cheese (cut into the profile of a face with eye and mouth cut-out)
~ Red and yellow peppers to represent the feathers
~ Small stings of mozzarella cheese  (for face paint)
~ Add a touch of mustard for face paint if desired
3. serve on a bun and enjoy
Penalty Punch
You need:
Fruit punch
lemon slice
1. Add 1 part fruit punch to 1 part 7-up
2. Serve in a cup garnished with a lemon  because when it comes to penalties ~ WE’RE BITTER!
And just in case you didn’t see the clip this morning, here’s the clip and a few fun pictures!
Beth and Aly and Tommy
selfie with hawk

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