cover ava With the new book, Hungry Feelings, Not Hungry Tummy, author Ava Parnass gives parents  hands-on exercises (conversation starters, feelings maps, etc.) to help parents understand and improve their children’s behavior.

In Parnass’s book, the theme of “hungriness” includes food as well as attention, love and understanding. As such, Parnass empowers parents and kids by helping them become “behavior detectives.”

When you think about it, Parnass’s goal to help parents understand the reasons behind their children’s behavior is vital since  tantrums, anxiety, moodiness, whining, perseverating and overeating are really just symptoms of a child’s need to be understood and validated. Learning how to read your child’s needs and teaching him/her how to respond appropriately will your entire family.

It’s also important to understand that many children struggle with emotions and understanding their feelings and learning to cope in appropriate ways. We, as parents, can help our children develop the emotional skills they need with help! “Hungry Feelings, Not Hungry Tummy” gives parents the tools, exercises, suggestions, advice, etc they need to help their children grow emotionally. Emotion Intelligence leads to better problem solving skills, classroom behavior, improved ability to work well in groups and also strengthens self esteem.

According to Parnass, “helping kids with the truth of how they feel sends powerful, loving messages that hard feelings are acceptable, and you love them no matter what.”

To learn more about Ava Parnass and her Behavior Detective series visit Listen to Me Please and check out her books here