ComeAsYouAre-PartyA perfect party for ‘tweens that celebrates being who they are!


This invitation needs a co-conspirator in the form of a mom or dad! Decorate a card with a piece of aluminum foil for the mirror. Be sure to include the following directive: YOU MUST COME AS YOU ARE! You must wear the exact same thing—hairstyle and all, that you are wearing right now!

Drive to each friend’s house to drop off the invitation and take a surprise picture.


As the guests arrive, have them decorate their own tote bags with a collage of images and words from magazines, old picture books and fabric remnants.

When all the guests arrive, assign groups to visit the various stations and make their own special bath and beauty products. The girls can store each product in their homemade tote. The salon stations are as follows:

  • Make your own Body Scrub (olive oil, brown sugar, organic vanilla)
  • Make your own Bath Bubble Tea (bath beads, bath poof, straw and cocktail rosette)
  • Make your own Lip Gloss (vegetable shortening, water and powered pink lemonade or fruit drink mix)
  • Make your own Moisturizing Masks (mashed carrot, avocado, heavy cream, honey and raw egg)

When the girls are done making their own products, they can sit down to a DIY lunch!


Baked Potato Bar: Choose your own toppings such as fresh vegetables, low fat cheeses, marinara sauce, grilled chicken, salmon, and spinach soufflé

Dessert: Ice cream or frozen yogurt bar with fresh fruit, sauces, and nuts


  • Skin Refresher: Water with fresh lemon and mint
  • Nose Tickler: 2 parts sparkling water mixed with 1 part cranberry and orange juice
  • Foot Tapper: 1 part strawberry soda mixed with one part Ginger Ale


The bath and beauty products the girls made, as well as the photo of themselves “as they are.”