batterycakeA wonderful Father’s Day gift for the guy who loves his gadgets almost as much as his girl!  Now he’ll never wonder where the batteries are again!  Best of all, this cake is simple to make and does not require time in the kitchen.


  • 10 C Batteries
  • 14 AA batteries
  • 16 AAA Double stick tape
  • Ribbon (2 inch width works best)


  1. To make layer 1: Bundle the C batteries into a round circle. Secure batteries with double stick tape. Wrap ribbon around the outside of the battery bundle.
  2. To make layer 2: Repeat the same process as above, only this time use AA batteries.
  3. To make layer 3: Repeat the same process, using AAA batteries.
  4. Assemble the cake by carefully placing the layers on top of each other. Make sure layer 1, which is the largest layer, is on the bottom. Add a string of sequins, beads or peals pearls to the ribbon if desired. You may also choose to add a Phillips screwdriver “candle” on the top.

SUPER SAVER TIP: When making the battery cake — buy the batteries in bulk at a superstore warehouse or club. Most batteries have a 5-7 year shelf life so you can always use the remaining batteries at a later date.