Hi everyone! it’s been a super long time since I last blogged and I apologize for the absence. But I’m Back….

I’m Back (literally)

And I’m here to talk about something that has been bugging me big time… being perimenopausal. I hate it. I feel bloated, tired and slightly crampy All.The.Time. My doctor says it’s normal all due to being “48-years-young” (hate that expression) but frankly it sucks. I find myself lethargic, especially in the afternoons right as JRB is getting home and we have things to do… ugh! I tell myself to drink more water and get more sleep but more often than not, I turn to cookies, diet coke and coffee. And for a while they help….until they don’t at which point  I reach for more cookies and diet coke. You get the picture.

Enter Barology Bars.  Barology bars were designed by 2 nurses (Jill Spatz and Tammy Bono) who are well versed in the world of women’s health — in fact both women work with world-renowned reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Brian Kaplan. I know ALL about Dr Kaplan because although I didn’t use him (I was in SF during my fertility treatments) I have tons of friends who did and one of my friends gave her son the middle name Brian after ~ you guessed it Dr BRIAN Kaplan! Anyway, while helping patients achieve their dream of having a child, Spatz and Bono noticed an increasing focus on the use of natural vitamins and supplements to help with fertility which resulted in adding Dr Kaplan’s recommended antioxidant cocktail to food bars, and the idea for the first Barology Bar was born! The perfect combination of science and nutrition. Now women and men who want to enhance their fertility can eat a delicious “Baraology Bar” enriched with this special vitamin and supplement blend. As things progressed Barology branched out and have developed an Anti-Aging Bar in addition to their popular Fertility Bars. The company was kind enough to send me a box and I have to say I really LOVE them as an afternoon snack ad they have helped me fight off the lethargy and blah feeling I usually have around 2-3 pm. I can’t say if they have made a difference in my aging process, but I feel good and like the fact that I am putting something good into my body (rather than just cookies!). So my take is ; Barology Bars are worth trying they taste good, are filled with nutritious vitamins and minerals and are developed by good people!

A special surprise arrived in the mail








Barology  sent me a free box of 12 bars to try. But they did not compensate me for the blog.  As always, my opinions are my own! xo