pool articleGet In Shape Now With Aqua Aerobics

Guest post written by Becky Flanigan

After I slipped at work and twisted my knee, my doctor ruled out running for a while. That left me scrambling to find another way to work out, and I could feel myself slipping out of shape. My dilemma was solved by aqua aerobics.

A fun way to get in shape. Working out in the water was super friendly on my injured knee, and the classes were so much fun I wondered why I hadn’t tried them sooner. The people were all very nice, smiled a lot before and during the workout, and were genuinely enjoying themselves. Several told me that they did aqua classes 3 or 4 times a week, and had found that their doctors raved about how fit they were. They had my attention – so I plunged in to class enthusiastically. I loved it from the very first class.

Low impact is wonderful. The teacher told us early in one class that the buoyancy of the water means that we’re only having to support about 50 percent of our body weight. I could really believe that – my injured knee never whispered at me during the whole class. I really felt the lightness provided by the water, even when we were doing something as robust as the plank – a great core exercise, but on land a total strain for me. In the water, I could feel the burn in my abs, but in a much more gentle way.

Lots of variety available. I like to change things up sometimes, and was very pleased to find out how many options I had for water workouts. My first several classes were the basic gentle cardio workouts. But then I saw that there were classes for weight work, kick boxing, yoga, tai chi and even Zumba class. I would never try Zumba on land – all those sexy hip shifting moves – no way. But in the water, most of me was underwater and I wiggled with the best of them. I loved that class, and was the good kind of sore the next day.

Surprising level of cardio. I didn’t think moving in the water would allow you much cardio workout, but I quickly realized what I had missed – the resistance of water. Doing a flyback weight exercise gave solid exertion, because I was having to push through the water. I was surprised at how much my breathing accelerated, especially during the more rambunctious classes like kick boxing.

I’m sold – I have really enjoyed aqua aerobics, and now I’m wondering if I’ll go back to running when my knee is better, or just continue to work out in the water.

About the Author

Becky Flanigan enjoyed creative writing classes in school, and uses those skills when writing swimming pool articles for In The Swim. Becky likes spending time with her husband, 3 kids, and 2 golden retrievers. She spends many fun filled hours at the family swimming pool, watching the kids and dogs splash and play. She is also an avid gardener – and even helps friends landscape and decorate their yards.