About Beth Engelman

Beth EnglemannBeth began her writing career in second grade when she won her first writing contest with her essay entitled “If I Were President, Bubblegum Would Be Free and Taxes Would Go Up (So Teachers Could Get More Money).” Clearly not destined for a career in politics, Beth has focused her talents on creative writing, education, and curriculum development. Beth’s achievements and experiences include eight years as a Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher, being nominated for the Kohl-McCormick Foundation’s Excellence in Education Award, and participating in numerous national conferences on fostering number sense and literacy development. Beth has developed books and games for several companies including: LeapFrog Toys, Chronicle Books, Piggy Toes Press and Disney.

Her column “Mommy on a Shoestring,” appears in over 30 local papers around the Chicago area as well as on the Chicago Sun-Times / Pioneer Press website. She is regular contributor to “You and Me this Morning” on WCIU-TV in Chicago as well as WGN’s Midday New and you can hear her share her family fun ideas each month on Radio Disney’s public affairs show, “Let’s Chat.” In 2010, Beth was one of 15 women chosen around the country to be a “mom correspondent” for iVillage, where she continues to report on stories that affect her and her community.

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About Jenna Riggs

Jenna RiggsJenna Riggs is a pack rat at heart, which makes being a thrifty mom easy. She grew up in an artistic home where the rule was if you wanted something, first try and make it yourself. That lasted until she wanted her first pair of “San Francisco Riding Gear” designer jeans, and realized clothes may be mostly out, but everything else is fair game. In addition to contributing to Mommy on a Shoestring, Jenna is a graphic designer and illustrator whose work runs the gamut from marketing and identity to children’s themed products. She has a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of the Pacific.

Visit Jenna’s design and illustration website at jennariggs.com and her children’s illustration site at childrensillustrators.com/illustrator.cgi/JennaRiggs. Jenna lives on Vashon Island, near Seattle, with her husband and two daughters. Email Jenna

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