Jenna came up with 2 more awesome ideas for re-using dried out markers.  They are so cute, it ALMOST makes me want to keep the caps off the markers on purpose.  Check them out!!!

Used marker jumprope

Used marker jumprope – bring back that old-school clickity-clack!

How does she do it?  Here are the directions…

Pen/Pencil Holder:

Use a small recyclable plastic drink/water bottle and trim away the top to the preferred height of your pencil holder (this is the base).  Set it on a table and line up your used pens with caps around it. Carefully stretch a rubber band around the pens to hold them in place toward the bottom. Repeat with another rubber band toward the top.  Easy!

Jump Rope

Stuff You Need:

  • old markers (use your thinnest markers for the for middle of the rope and the 2 largest markers for the handles)
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Hacksaw and Ice Pick (that’s right, we are in the big leagues now!!)
  • Thin rope or string (Jenna used kitchen twine, though if done again, she would probably use fishing line)


Use dried out markers to create a funky pen and pencil holder

Use dried out markers to create a funky pen and pencil holder!

  • Remove all caps from markers.
  • Using pliers, remove ends (except for the larger markers – keep the ends)
  • Remove the ink pads so you only have the plastic tubes left.
  • For the middle of the rope: Use the  “thinner” markers and take hacksaw to make a small cut in each tube, 1/2 way along the tube. Holding them away from your face, snap the tubes in half.
  • When you have enough 1/2 tubes, take your ice pick and hammer, and punch a hole through the tops of the caps.
  • For the handles of the rope: Punch a hole through the tops of the caps and the ends.
  • String it all together! Start with the handle—putting the twine through the cap end and tie a knot.
  • Start stringing the rest of the larger pen together for the handle (snapping the pieces together), then alternate caps and middles, ending with the other handle when you have the length just right.

NOTE:  You could skip the hacksaw part if you only use caps!

Shoestrings and peace,


Update: Green is Universal Finalist!

Jenna entered the NBC/Universal Green is Universal Re-Use contest with her recycled coloring marker jumprope. The jump rope appeared on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda—view it here…