7 Lucky Things I learned from #Blogher13

Last week was Blogher 2013 which is really the BIGGEST Blogging conference of the year. Fortunately it was in Chicago and even better, I was able to attend many of the events, parties, Expo and more. Here’s what I learned….

#1: Go to Blogher with an open mind, open heart and collect lots of business cards (and then follow up). And if all else fails, make a cool donut-like sculpture out of the B-Cards to wow your kids and non-blogging friends (who just don’t get what a blog is in the first place!)


#2 Scavenger Hunts are always a good idea.


Doing the Catapult for a Scavenger Hunt at Water Tower Place

#3 Diet Root beer floats may be an oxymoron but they taste good and promote girl bonding.


Diet Root Beer Float Anyone?

#4 Go to the expo and look for  brands, causes and other companies that genuinely interest you.


Free Honest Compliment from Honest Tea

#5 Hang out in the lobby for at least 10 minutes you’ll never know who you’ll run into

text about running into people

Look who I ran into!

#6 If you feel shy (and chances are you will) ask people about their blogs. “Dear Abby” always says: if you ask people lots of questions about themselves they will think you’re an EXCELLENT conversationalist.

Hasbro arrows

Making Friends is easier with a Nerf Bow and Arrow

#7 Don’t get caught up with the swag, yes it is lovely and yes it makes you feel like an academy award winner, but it isn’t the end all be all. As much as I love my new Cocoa Cola pedometer, the better part was meeting new friends, making connections and seeing the faces behind so many twitter handles.

Boy holding pedometer and Coke Soccer Ball

Ok, we love the Coke Soccer Ball too!

Over the course of the next few weeks / months I will do a play by play of some of the more interesting parties and events I attended and tell you the 411 on your favorite brands, products and causes including info from St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  I am also going to talk Back to School (ugh!), beating the no-more summer blues, why I broke up with my non-existant boyfriend and much more! Until then I’m wishing you  Shoestrings, Love, Joy and Gratitude, Beth

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