Today I was working on my show notes for tomorrow’s radio show.  Jenna is in China and our regular guest co-host Cynthia is in Myrtle Beach, so I am flying solo!  While getting everything together I found 2 clips I absolutely love and wanted to share…

The first clip is from my kitchen inspiration and friend of the show,  Mandy Heaston, author of  the blog    She was in Savannah last week as a finalist for the REAL WOMEN of PHILADELPHIA bake-off hosted by Paula Deen.  How did she do?  Check out her video here .

The second is from tomorrow’s guest Karen Walrond whose blog, is a must read for folks who love to sit back and reflect on the joys and wonders of life!  She is also a gifted photographer and has a new book coming out this fall called, “The Beauty of Different.” LOVE the title, right?  Here’s the trailer for the book, its one of those feel good, I will celebrate my own uniqueness trailers that, well, you’ll see if you click here.

Shoestrings and Peace, bEtH