When jrb and I returned from California this week, you can only imagine how delighted we were to find a package waiting for us!  A package!  A package!  He sang as he danced around in a circle.  Will mail always make him this happy, I wondered as we tore open the box.  To my delight, it was a Scholastic Storybook Treasure DVD of our FAVORITE Doreen Cronin books which include Giggle Giggle, Quack, Duck for President and my personal favorite Diary of a Worm!

The DVD was sent to me to review and it did not disappoint.  The stories remained true to the spirit of the books, entertaining to both kids and adults.  Jrb loved listening to the stories in Spanish (no, he doesn’t speak Spanish, he just likes the sound of the language) and I loved the “talk about the stories” feature which encourages conversation about the story ~ which is always a bonus!

The other thing I LOVED was the  pacing of the stories. They were not fast-paced like so many other cartoons and movies, but instead  took their time as the story evolved which is a lot like real life, which is something that makes me very happy.

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